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Making Your Dreams Possible

Where vision and engineering combine to bring your goals, ambitions and dreams to life.


Visioneering is a core philosophy that encourages and inspires members to push beyond what they believe possible. To defy expectations. And to do things that have never been done. Visioneering is the force behind every SMART project that excite members to connect the dots and become one step closer to bringing the most audacious dreams and cherished goals to reality.



We have curated the finest projects you’ll come across. Every project completed is added to your portfolio of projects, which demonstrate to colleges (and also reflects on your resume) both the hard and soft skills that are not encapsulated by high school GPA and standardized test scores.



Membership at The SMART Lounge can be life-long and awesome. Visioneering continues as we guide members to pick majors, connect the dots and transform their college journey into careers and life-decisions that will make them happy and fulfilled. 

Family Schooling


The SMART Lounge is dedicated to helping families thrive because thriving families are a key ingredient to providing great education for our members. We provide help and resources for parents to be involved just the right amount (not too much to be helicopter parents) at each stage of our members’ journeys. 

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