Curation of Future Relevant Experiences that are SMART

Future relevant experiences are the unsung heroes of great education. The SMART Lounge™ professionally curates projects from top institutions, subject matter experts, and industry leaders. Our projects are 'talent accelerators' and 'growth incubators' that enable our members to connect the dots between theory and reality, and even earn credentials + badges.

Projects curated by The SMART Lounge™ (a.k.a. SMART Projects) are practical and future relevant. They take students out of the security of their classroom and push them to the edge of comfort and put all that they are to the test. All SMART Projects require curiosity, creativity, confidence, courage, collaboration, the ability to clearly communicate, and think critically to solve real-world problems. 



Turn your idea into reality. Launch a startup that will make high impact on people's lives.

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Recreate the entertainment and magic that made Disneyland what it is. Includes site visit to Disneyland and instruction from Disney experts.

by Dr. Jeffrey Barnes


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