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“Disruptive” Education Model — Your Family in the Driver’s Seat

Every stakeholder in your children’s education has different motives and goals.

Government & School Administrators — the purpose of education is to raise good citizens that contribute to society. They must do this while keeping within the budget, abiding by State and national mandates, and keeping kids safe and out of trouble.

School Teachers — the purpose of education is to make a living by ensuring that their pupils are finishing the school year and collectively achieving the State and/or nationally mandated learning outcomes.

Parents — the purpose of education is to give their children a better life.

Children — the purpose of education is to get what they want and become who they want to become.

What the government and schools provide is necessary education. It’s a fundamental and basic right that we deserve as citizens of this country. Some schools across the country offer good necessary-education, while others struggle as they offer poor necessary-education.

However, for many smart families, education that is merely good and necessary is just not good enough. What smart families deeply desire is great education. For example, if my child wants to get into Stanford, write the next Broadway hit musical or become the next Elon Musk, then education should help my child achieve these goals. As sappy as it sounds, great education is great because it goes above and beyond the norm and helps our dreams come true!

Great education is possible when and only when families are in the driver’s seat. Children from families that take an active interest in education (no matter how small or limited) simply have a higher chance of success. Moreover, children who take charge of their own education AND are from supportive families that take an active interest in education can achieve anything they set their minds to.

Education Experts and Family Partners

The SMART Lounge provides great education. Teenagers are the captains of their own destinies and every family charts their own path of learning within our co-learning community. However, families aren’t alone. Education experts and learning coaches are a big part of the picture.

Smart Sensei. Sensei means “one who walked the road ahead” or “Master” when roughly translated into English. Senseis at The SMART Lounge are mentors who are dynamic civic and business leaders, noted scientists and researchers, artists and athletes, activists and philanthropists, technology innovators, high achieving college/grad students, professors, and trailblazers in all walks of life.

Irrespective of our specialty, every Sensei is dedicated to the happiness, well-being and education of your children and family. Here is our promise:

Smart Sensei promise

We will:

1) Make learning fun, purposeful and visionary

2) Curate the best tools, experiences and technology to serve the above #1

3) Be great hosts and role models to the entire family

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