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Invitation Only

Nomination Open to All

Nominate Gifted and Talented Young Adults for Invitation to Membership

Help students close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

The SMART Lounge™ is based upon and dedicated to the ideals, the dreams, and hard facts that make humanity great. And it is uniquely equipped to actualize these dreams through SMART projects and send them forth as a source of courage and inspiration to all the world.


Why Accept Our Invitation

The SMART Lounge™ Membership is:

  • a mark of distinction

  • a privilege among families

  • a prestigious network of exceptional people

  • a door to lifelong inspiration and opportunities

  • a springboard to college, career and life success for students

Our Members are Curious.

  • Students are admitted because of the combination of talent, excellence and integrity. They've demonstrated uncommon focus and passion. New ideas excite them and they have proven that they can learn from many viewpoints. They're reaching for their best—and they're just getting started.

Our Members are Innovative.

  • See the world as a set of challenges, not barriers? Hungry to make a mark on the world?  When students join The SMART Lounge™, they become part of a global community of change makers.

Our Members are Motivated.

  • Energized by ideas? Possess the commitment and persistence to withstand uncertainty? As a member, students will be learning from Masters (a.k.a. SMART Sensei), who are dynamic civic and business leaders, noted scientists and researchers, artists and athletes, activists and philanthropists, technology innovators, and trailblazers in all walks of life.


For Parents

The SMART Lounge™ is a members-only program 



Your child has been invited to join The SMART Lounge™. This invitation is the result of your child’s gift as a future leader. The 4th industrial revolution (“4IR”) beckons for smart future leaders, such as your child, who, beyond mere academic excellence, possess high EQ and motivation, breadth and depth of curiosity, strength in character, and hunger to make a positive impact on the world.

Membership Requirements

Candidates for The SMART Lounge™:

  • must be 13 or older

  • must have a dream — the bigger and bolder, the better!

  • must demonstrate, by school records or other academic ventures, intellectual vitality and discipline 

Membership Requirements

For Membership Candidates must also

fulfill the following 5 steps:

Step 1. Nomination 

​Candidates must receive nomination via the website. Anyone can nominate candidates — including candidates’ parents and even own selves.

Step 2. Endorsement

Candidates must also receive endorsement from existing members. Each member of The SMART Lounge™ may endorse new students to become members (when space is available). We aim to maintain a diverse membership with equal gender representation and members from a range of economic and ethnic backgrounds. 

Step 3. Conditional Offer

Candidates must receive a conditional offer of invitation from The SMART Lounge™. Conditional offers are based on a holistic review of what we learn from others about a candidate's character, dream(s) and intellectual contributions. 

Step 4. Interviews

Candidates must schedule and receive interviews. Interviews will be casual. Interviews will be with at least two staff members.

Step 5. Invitation

Candidates must receive an invitation. Receiving an invitation to a coveted membership spot at The SMART Lounge™ can be a life-time privilege and honor. Instructions on how to accept and become an official member will be included in the invitation. 

Membership Benefits

We provide members with access to experiences, events and projects that open doors to lifelong opportunities. 


When students are inducted into The SMART Lounge™, they become a member for life. They are connected to a diverse network of high achieving teenagers who are big dreamers. 


This honor, earned through community recognition of a student's gifts and talents, sets him/her apart and exemplifies his/her capacity for future leadership. 


Membership is more than a line on students' college applications or resumes. Here are some benefits that only members can make the most of:

Membership Benefits
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