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The SMART Lounge™ is NOT a "prep" company.

But prep companies love our members. So we help our members by filtering, collective bargaining and curating for the best deals and resources. 

Membership Privileges and Access
As a member you are among the best and brightest promising leaders. You are handpicked because of your gifts and talents (a.k.a. superpowers). The world is yours to conquer, impact and change for the better. Below are perks available help you on your journey.
Member Access

ACT / SAT Prep Symposium

It’s no surprise when top ACT/SAT prep organizations offer members special rates. Members have among the world’s (not just America’s) best prep companies to choose from. Only members and their guests can take advantage of the exclusive options provided. More information available at Member Login.


Note: ACT/SAT prep companies also provide summer boot-camps as well as private tutoring for members at special rates. 

AP and College Credit

AP & College Credits

Fully accredited Advanced Placement (“AP”) and college classes are available to all members. These classes can be taken simultaneously while you are enrolled in school. Members will receive an official transcript that can be submitted to colleges and universities along with the transcript they receive from their school. More information available at Member Login.


Note: AP classes offered to members include, but is not limited to:


AP® English Language and Composition 

AP® English Literature and Composition 

AP® Calculus AB

AP® Calculus BC

AP® Statistics

AP® Biology

AP® Chemistry

AP® Environmental Science

AP® US History

AP® US Government and Politics

AP® Macroeconomics

AP® Microeconomics

AP® Psychology

AP® World History

AP® Spanish Language and Culture

AP® French Language 

AP® Art History A

AP® Art History B



The SMART Lounge™ provides members homework aid. Rock star tutors (think American Idol finalist with a degree from MIT) are connected to The SMART Lounge™. Members have special access to the top experts around — in all academic subjects. More information available at Member Login.

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