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Fun, purposeful and visionary SMART people


The SMART Lounge™ is devoted enhancing our future by providing a platform for people to share their potential, purpose and each other. It provides a unique ecosystem where our members can relax, be themselves, freely experiment, unleash their crazy ideas, makes some mistakes, transform failure to success and develop a growth mindset that brings them closer to realizing their most audacious dreams and cherished goals.


The SMART Lounge™ curates some of the best learning resources. The projects and programs that we select enable members to partner with community peers, industry leaders and global experts. The desired goal is to help members nurture productive habits and achieve high impact outcomes that improve their future, and ultimately empower them to build happy and fulfilling lives.

SMART \smärt\  adjective

  1. Being efficient and effective

  2. Full of wisdom 



Smarter Together™


Elevate the well-being and future of families to incredible new heights by partnering with them in edifying the happiness, identity, purpose and smarts of the next generation.


  1. Great education is important.

  2. Happiness is important.

  3. Families are the rock bed of both.


Top 10

The SMART Lounge™ is where the older generation can share their knowledge and wisdom from days gone by, and the younger generation savor the challenges of the future.


It is filled with the accomplishments, the joys, and the hopes of the younger generation. And it will continually remind and show the older generation how to make these wonders part of their own lives.  


Happiest [SMART] Space on Earth

The SMART Lounge™ is established based on over a decade of experience and deep-seated conviction that families can “have their cake and eat it too” — children can both be wildly successful and passionately happy in high school, college and life beyond. It’s not that hard or mysterious. The secret sauce is in knowing your identity, finding your purpose (early on) and loving your family (which includes friends and neighbors). The SMART Lounge™ enables all this in a warm yet effective and exploratory yet efficient co-learning environment... 

Happiest Space

Great Education: Family in the Driver's Seat

Great education is possible when and only when families are in the driver’s seat. Children from families that take an active interest in education (no matter how small or limited) simply have a higher chance of success. Moreover, children who take charge of their own education AND are from supportive families that take an active interest in education can achieve anything they set their minds to.

parent student.jpg
Family in the Driver's Seat

We call our space The SMART Lounge™. It is not the “SMART Club” or shortened to just the “Lounge.” If we could avoid giving it nicknames like “The Joint” or “The Smartie Space” or saying things like, “Bro, shall we go hit up el Smartello?” that would be splendid. 

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